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Is Our Health Care System Broken?

A couple of weeks ago, Marianne Fazen participated in a pre-recorded McCuistion TV program, entitled. “Is Our Health Care System Broken?” It aired on Sunday, July 24, on KERA Channel 13, PBS Dallas.  She was one of 3 panelists, as local “healthcare experts”. The other 2 panelists were Jim Holder, Employer Expert with Holmes Murphy, and Todd Furniss, who wrote a book about fixing healthcare, entitled “The 60% Solution”. The moderator was Vince Poscente, a corporate leadership consultant, who frequently hosts the McCuistion TV program.

We discussed our views on how broken the HC system is, and we all agreed that the quality of US healthcare is superior to anywhere else in the world, definitely not broken. What’s broken is the exorbitant cost of healthcare, as well as the complexity of accessing healthcare. So then we focused on some of the causes (consolidation, fee-for-service payment model, 3rd party payment system), and on solutions (eliminate all 3 of these causes!).

CLICK HERE to view the program